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I have one dozen of hatching eggs available!! Barnyard mix! As with all hatching eggs there is not a 100% guarantee they’re all fertile. However, between my two roosters I feel as thought they get the job done! I’ve also had great hatching success with previous hatching eggs sold!

Roosters are; Black Cooper Maran, and an Ameraucana/Copper Maran. Hens are; Hens are; Splash Maran, Copper Dominant, Copper Maran, wheaten maran, Cuckoo Blue Bar, Cream Legbar, Orpington, Olive egger, Easter egger, Laced Wyandotte (silver and red), Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, Ameraucana, Barnevelder, Golden Cuckoo Maran.

Hatching Eggs

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