I grew up raising beef cows specifically Angus, and Limousine. When figuring out what cows would do best on our prairie hillside pastures, Highland cows were at the top of the list. Highlands are noted for their hardiness, their ability to forage, feed efficiency, and being exceptional mothers. They're also noted for their nicely marbled, and flavorful meat. Because Highlands do take longer to reach butcher weight, we have decided to sell our Highland bull, and cross a beef breed to get a faster growth rate. Our  2023 Calves will be full Highland calves. Then we will rent a beef bull to cover our girls.

The Herd Sire

We are so excited for the opportunity to have added "Fat Cow Henry" to our small fold of Scottish Highland Cows! Henry is a registered Scottish Highland Bull AHCA: 56308.

We are so excited to get some calves out of this gorgeous guy!