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Fullblood and CommercialDorpers

We have fullblood & Commercial Dorpers.

I absolutely love Dorpers! I decided to switch 100% to dorpers this year. Dorpers are exceptional mothers, extremly hardy, and EASY keepers! I swear they get fat just looking at grass. They were more parasite resistant than the other breeds of sheep I had, and have great feet. It was a no brainer to switch fully to this beautiful breed.


This year I have been purchasing quality stock and genetics to grow my herd! I am excited to build a quality herd, from quality breeders here in Oregon, and in California. We have American, and African bred genetics. Both of our Rams came from DK Dorpers in California, and both have African dorper genetics! One of them is a100% Dell Dorpers Embryo ram. He is huge! His whole frame is giant, I am excited to add capacity to my fullblood herd, and also breed up my commercial flock with this ram.

My goal is to grow my registered and commercial stock. Producing quality show, and breeding stock. Along with quality meat stock while keeping the dorper breed standards.


I can't wait for lambs to start hitting the ground! December-March is when ewes will start lambing. 

John 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.


Below are our two fullblood rams from DK Dorpers. These two have continued to grow and quite frankly look small in these videos now! Updated pictures to come.


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