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Berkshire Pigs



We raise Berkshire pigs. When researching on which pigs are best for meet, I knew I wanted a Heritage breed. After reading how wonderful Berkshire pig meat was I was sold! Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, marbling, juiciness, tenderness, texture, and its overall exceptional flavor.


I like the Idea of knowing where my food came from, and what its been fed. Our pigs have been on Organic pig feed, and have been raised as naturally as possible. No GMO's or Hormones' have been given. They get vegetables table scraps, and when we have excess milk they get that, along with their organic feed. We have a Butcher date set for Feb 16th for 2 pigs. 


Petunia (to your right) is bred, and expecting piglets on December 28th. They should be great to butcher or show for 4H! Their Sire is a Registered Berkshire Boer out of Express Train. He has exceptional size, well muscled, and carries himself well.



We have a butcher dat set for February 16th for 2 barrows. We will be getting them USDA packaged for individual sales, unless someone wants to buy a whole, or half pig. 

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